Bakersfield Women's Massage

Providing Massage & Reiki for Women to Feel Better so they can Be Better.



Thank you for visiting. At Bakersfield Women's Massage, we have two goals:

1. As massage therapists, to help women live life more fully by providing safe, effective, therapeutic massage.

  • We provide massage for every phase of a woman's life.
  • Our therapeutic services help busy, active women feel better so you can be better at home, work and during leisure.

2. As massage advocates, we provide information and instruction that furthers the use of massage.

  • Massage is a non-invasive, medication and calorie-free way to help your body return to balanced  and relaxed state.
  • We believe everybody can benefit from learning and using massage techniques at home to maintain health and connections within families.

Please explore this website to learn more how massage can help you and your family.


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